What is a sketchbook?

Literally translated, sketchbook is translated from English as an album for sketches (sketch — sketch, quick drawing, book — book). Russia has a lot of its own names — a sketchbook, a sketchbook, a drawing tablet, but they are all long enough that a shorter English word turned out to be convenient to use.

How to choose a sketchbook?

Here are some sample criteria (besides a good/attractive design) that you should pay attention to:

one. Paper. It can be designed for different art materials — and accordingly vary in density, texture, color, and even in your emotional perception.

2. The size. To determine the size, you should answer yourself the following questions. What scale of drawing detail do you need? Where exactly are you going to draw mainly — in the open air, on trips or at the table? Where are you going to store your sketchbook — in a bag, backpack, or maybe at home, on a shelf?

3. Format. It can be classic rectangular, elongated rectangular or square.

four. Type of binding. Sketchbook pages can be sewn into a book, or assembled on a spring, it is possible to mount on rings, both detachable, allowing you to replace paper, and static. Each of the bindings has its own characteristics, including an important criterion — the opening angle of the sketchbook — from 180 to 360 degrees. Today’s assortment is very large, and there is always plenty to choose from.

5. hard cover. The hard cover allows you to really use the sketchbook as a drawing tablet — if you don’t have a table at hand, you won’t have to look for a similar hard surface.

Our sketchbooks combine the best criteria for your selection! Sketchbook «ROSTOVKNIGA» on a spring, in a hard cover, A5 format, 60 sheets. Paper weight 120 g/m, original design. Excellent quality. A real find for creative people. Perfect for sketches, drawings, sketches. It is made in a convenient format, from high-quality paper, with a bright binding. These sketchbooks make a great purchase or gift for anyone who loves to draw.

A beautiful sketchbook may need:

• professional artists;

• sketchbooks for beginners to engage in creativity (students of the art school, etc.);

architects or designers of jewelry, clothes, other representatives of creative professions;

• everyone who is fond of painting, drawing or graphics;

• for those who draw comics: you can buy pictures for sketching in a sketchbook or simple drawings for a sketchbook for beginners;

• representatives of the advertising business in order to capture a newly emerged idea;

students of creative fields in colleges and universities (you can start depicting light pictures for a sketchbook and gradually create your portfolio).

Ideas for a sketchbook: the most interesting thoughts come suddenly, and if at that moment there is no pencil and sketchbook, then everything that they did not have time to draw in the sketchbook can be erased from memory, and for a creative person this is an unaffordable luxury.

Keeping notebooks for creating sketches, for example, when modeling jewelry or clothes, for the realization of interior ideas, is becoming a fashionable trend. You can use standard drawings for sketching in a sketchbook, adding your own ideas to them. Having made an ordinary sketch in time, you can turn it into a masterpiece in the future.

Order a sketchbook now and this special sketchbook will be indispensable for expressing the creativity of you and your children. It is suitable for representatives of creative professions, for novice artists and is simply an excellent anti-stress tool!

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