“Fry meat” is increasingly becoming a name for meeting friends, relatives and relatives. The atmosphere around the «live» fire, pleasant conversations … mmm 😍 And if you use the appropriate dishes, the event will become simply magical 👌

And now the main «barbecue» holidays are ahead.

Just imagine: a steaming piece of meat leaking juice, grilled tomatoes and a gravy boat filled with coarse salt. A suitable drink and a cheerful company — a sincere evening is guaranteed👍

Our serving boards are made for such meetings!💪🏻.

Treated with a safe formulation certified for food contact.

In addition to meat, these boards can be used for serving the main dish, on a common table with the family, as a tray and in many other cases!⠀

Material: ash.

To order, go to the page of our DashkoWood store on Wildberries.

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