How to create a true sense of celebration and make a gift unforgettable


How to create a sense of celebration and make a gift unforgettable? To answer this not simple one, it would be quite logical to determine what, in principle, any gift begins with. Apart from the idea, of course, from the packaging and design, which not only create mood and character, but also speak of special attention to the hero of the event. If we think about it, we will find that the feeling of anticipation is no less significant for us than the event itself. And it is the design and packaging that are, so to speak, the apogee of this wonderful and reverent feeling of expectation, the intensity of which will undoubtedly enhance the correctly selected packaging and design. Therefore, of course, you should pay close attention to the choice of these elements. Today we want to introduce you to original gift boxes from FAUCHON (Fauchon) France. With a world famous brand FAUCHON there is a line of premium gift packaging, which has long and flawlessly proven itself in the premium segment due to the use of modern technologies and the high quality of the materials used:

1. Thick cardboard

2. Reliable design

3. Convenient and easy assembly

4. Two types of execution (glossy, matte)

5. Two most convenient types of design (portrait, landscape)

6. Four sizes for different categories of gifts

The boxes are made in the form of collapsible envelopes with self-adhesive sides that create a solid and reliable structure when assembled, which, if necessary, can also be easily disassembled and folded back into a compact envelope. Boards of immersion and unloading are supplied with magnets for reliable fixing. Once again we want to draw your attention to the fact that the boxes are delivered in the form of flat envelopes packed in a polyethylene bag, which excludes minor damage (scratches, creases) and deformation of the box structural elements! Each box also includes decorative branded covers with a logo for the final design of the assembled boxes, which allows you to use the boxes without additional design elements! And of course, refined and stylish, corporate design. All this undoubtedly makes this product an ideal solution for any occasion! In our store, some items are presented to your attention that are perfect for gastronomic sets and for any other compositions and mono gifts according to your idea, or they can simply become an interesting, convenient and useful piece of furniture in which you can store the necessary things. https://wildberries.ru/catalog/19412205/detail.aspx


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