How to choose men’s thermal underwear?


What unites a tourist, a bakery worker in a supermarket and a professional skier? It can get very cold in the forest at night; the skier will have to take into account the cold when choosing equipment due to the chosen sport, and the bakery worker will need to go into large industrial refrigerators from time to time, where frozen preparations are stored. All these people, so different, are united by the need to deal with low temperatures — and good thermal underwear will help everyone.

For what situation do you need thermal underwear

To begin with, it is important to understand in what conditions underwear will protect you from the cold:

Will the low temperature be permanent or temporary?

— if temporary, then what will be the «cold» intervals: short or long?

— will it be a closed room (like a large refrigerator) or will you be in the open air?

Will you be active most of the time?

How cold will it be?

— This is the second question that you need to answer yourself before buying. It has to do with whether you move; the difference between the choice of winter / demi-season clothes for a walk and for active movement can be noticeable. If you will be actively moving, for example, running or playing football, choose thermal underwear as if it were ten degrees warmer outside than it is (with fluctuations in one direction or another: our perception of temperature, like physique, individually.

In this review, we will focus on underwear for life and work — for medium activity and possible temperature changes.

Examples of thermal underwear sets for different conditions


For severe cold weather, Thermirra Classic thermal underwear made of modern Polar MicroFleece thermal fabric with a density of 140 g / m2 is suitable. This material warms, allows the skin to breathe and removes moisture. The model has a comfortable anatomical cut and an elongated back so that the edge of the sweatshirt does not come out from under the clothes when you sit down or in active movement.

Cool, or «street-room-street»

For work where you occasionally go out or go into the cold, the Thermirra Comfort kit is suitable. In addition, it will be a great option for every day if you just love warmth. The set is sewn from a pleasant material with a predominance of viscose (elastane 5%, viscose 80%, polyester 15%). The fitted cut and flat seams make this model particularly comfortable.

For lovers of natural materials for the same conditions, cotton thermal underwear with fleece is perfect. The addition of 5% elastane prevents premature wear and deformation of linen, and also provides a comfortable fit.

When choosing thermal underwear, it is very important to choose the right size. The size range of Thermirra thermal underwear is very large — from the 44th to the 62nd size. Warmth and comfort can be available to every working person!


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