Especially when your child is a growing up beautiful young girl of 12-14 years old, or maybe already 15 or 16, who wants to look cool, stylish, original and different from her peers?

How to cheer up and create a pleasant emotion for which your young student will run to meet the school. Maybe even just to change into nice new shoes. After all, she is a young woman. A woman always wants to be beautiful!

Shoe brand MIA SHOES is a solution for stylish schoolgirls. Most of our collection is SPORT-CHIC sneakers. Keds are the most popular type of footwear today. Especially among young people.

SPORT-CHIC style sneakers are an alternative to shoes. They are beautiful, elegant, they go well with skirts and dresses, they have a strict color scheme and will perfectly complement any school look.

In addition to their unique aesthetics, they have excellent comfort qualities: they are comfortable, durable, have a dense elastic insole that repeats the shape of the foot and gives additional comfort to wear.

All models are made of leather, a girl can stay indoors in these shoes for a long time and not experience discomfort.

All models of sneakers have a white sole — how often the school administration asks us to buy a shift with light soles so as not to leave scratch marks on the floor!

TPE outsole material — thermoplastic elastomer. Lightweight, plastic, does not break, does not crack, resistant to temperature, chemicals.

A separate pride is our pads, which are made in accordance with the requirements of GOST. We produce all models in Russia at modern shoe factories.

We sincerely invite you to visit our page and choose a stylish shift for your young lady. Or maybe something else, because winter is just around the corner, and our winter collection is a completely different, but also very stylish and warm story!

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