How to choose a panama for a child for the summer


Hot summer days are great for walking with children. You should not just forget about protecting your child from the dangerous effects of sunlight. To prevent a child from getting sunstroke, he needs a light summer panama.

We recommend giving preference to children’s panamas of light shades: white, beige, milky, light gray, etc. This is a universal option that is suitable for both a boy and a girl. They not only harmoniously fit into the summer children’s wardrobe, but also absorb sunlight less than dark-colored hats, which means they heat up less.

The headgear should be as simple as possible, without excessive decorative elements, and light so that it is almost not felt and does not interfere with the game. Small jewelry (beads, rhinestones, buttons) usually come off easily, which means that they can easily get into the respiratory tract of a small child.

Also pay attention to the fabric from which the children’s hat you like is made. The best option would be a hat made of cotton or chintz, since these materials are breathable, absorb moisture well and dry quickly (in case the child swims in it). It is also important to note that a children’s hat made of these fabrics is quite strong, durable and easy to clean.

For younger children, panamas with ties are more suitable. Such a headdress is not afraid of a gust of wind, and the child himself will also not be able to easily rip it off.

Choose several options for hats that are suitable for all parameters, and then ask your child to independently choose a panama hat that he likes the most, because it is the child who will wear it, and not you. Such freedom of choice is important and useful for the baby, it will help him feel more mature, add self-confidence!

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