How to care for knitted dresses?


Compliance with the care instructions will preserve the appearance and quality of the product.

  • You can wash knitwear, but preferably by hand in warm water, do not rub or twist. Since pWhen washed in hot water, knitwear shrinks and deforms.To reduce shrinkage or eliminate it altogether, the water temperature during washing and rinsing should be the same.
  • Do not soak the product. The structure of the fiber will be damaged.
  • Of course, you can also wash it in the washing machine, but only in the delicate wash mode.
  • It is desirable to dry in a straightened form and hang the dried product not by the shoulders, but by folding it in half, following the example of trousers.
  • It is impossible to pull and squeeze the product strongly.
  • You can iron knitwear, preferably through a fabric or using a steamer.
  • The use of bleach is not recommended.
  • And try not to use conditioner, so your product will hold its shape better.

We wish you a beautiful socks of any product!


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