How often should bath towels be renewed?

Every day, about one million dead cells are washed off and erased from our body. These cells, which remain in the fibers of bath towels, are food for many microorganisms. The soft pile of towels, which are constantly in a humid and warm environment, becomes an ideal place for the settlement of harmful microbes. Therefore, experts recommend renew bath towels every two years.

When we plan our family budget and spending for the near future, new bathroom towels are not always what comes to mind. However, if you have been using your bath towels for more than two years, you need to renew them. The fact is that old body towels do not absorb moisture effectively, but create an ideal and “tasty” habitat for microbes. These microbes, in turn, give rise to tiny mold particles, which, even in small concentrations, are harmful to human health. But how do you know that they have already become old and it’s time to replace them?

To answer the basic question, first, answer a few simple questions:

  • Have you been using a towel for more than 3-4 years? The best washing machine and high-quality powder are not able to remove absolutely all microbes, and even such a radical method as boiling is not sterilization and microbes remain after this procedure.
  • Do you need to wipe the body several times so that it completely absorbs all the moisture? Over time, terry cloth fibers lose their softness and absorbency, and if your towel isn’t as absorbent as it used to be, it’s time to renew it.
  • Does the bath towel exude unpleasant odors after the second or third wipe? This indicates that harmful bacteria have accumulated in the fabric, and it is no longer completely washed out.
  • Do you see worn areas or even holes on the towel? If you’ve used it for so long that it looks worn out, you should definitely replace it with a new one.

If you answered «Yes» to at least one item, then it’s time to update your towel!

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