How is a clothing brand born?


Probably, everyone is different, but we will tell about our own.

The Zephyr brand began back in the 90s with a love of fashion and impeccable taste of one young woman, a mother, who not only wanted to dress beautifully, but was also ready to create beauty with her own hands.

Of course, we are talking about one of the founders of the brand — Marina. Boring clothes, synthetics in bright colors that turned into a rag and became covered with spools after the first wash — were not for her. For herself and her eldest daughter Yulia, co-author of the brand, Marina always knitted clothes herself. And later for the three younger children, too.

Years passed, new brands appeared on the market, there was no shortage of clothing, but Marina’s experience and skills grew.

In addition, a large selection does not mean a complete absence of problems:

— not every brand can boast of quality materials

— good pattern

— and a wide range of sizes.

Marina, with her height of 158 cm, knows very well how difficult it can be to find the right clothes. And why, when you like to create your own style.

5 years ago, it turned out that among the friends and acquaintances of the founder of the brand there are many who would like her to help them acquire a stylish, comfortable, high-quality wardrobe. Gradually, a knitting hobby for friends and family grew into the Zephyr brand.

Daughter Yulia always shared her mother’s love for fashion, happily wore things carefully knitted by her and had the skills of a salesperson.

So in one day the Zephyr brand was born. At first it was only about knitted things. The growth of the brand’s popularity was helped by social networks.

Each new product was made with love for its work and its customers, which was literally felt in every loop. And the clients reciprocated, pushing the brand to develop.

So in 2020, the brand has 2 showrooms so that products can not only be ordered online, but also tried on.

At the beginning of 2021, the sewing direction was added to the knitting production.Well, by the end of 2021 — the zefir_story store on Wildberries.


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