How does the type of figure affect the choice of women’s panties ?!

I think each of us noticed that in different underwear our figure looks different. hip width, waist circumference, chest size — all this should influence the choice of underwear.

First you need to decide on the type of your figure!

Body type — hourglass.

This figure is characterized by a pronounced waist, as well as shoulders and hips of the same width. For this type of figure, panties with a medium or low fit are suitable, which will emphasize the ideal silhouette of the figure.
An example of such panties is

Body type — pear.

The owners of this type of figure have chic, large hips and narrow shoulders.
Brazilian model panties are suitable here, they will visually tighten the buttocks, due to which the hips will seem narrower!

Body type — apple.

Women with this type of figure have voluminous hips and bust, as well as a strongly pronounced waist.
For owners of such forms, panties with a high fit or slimming underwear are suitable, which will visually highlight the waist.

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