How does Fashion BAR support local artists and why is it so important?


Western sanctions have affected many areas of Russian life; not only large economic companies, but also the fashion segment, have been subject to restrictions. Heavy luxury is leaving the shelves of the capital’s boutiques en masse, the reason for this is the unstable ruble exchange rate and many difficulties with logistics. As a result, the brands remaining on the Russian market are massively raising prices — by the middle of the year, clothing and footwear are expected to rise in price by 20-30%.

In the current situation, getting a job in fashion retail is becoming increasingly difficult. Art education and important skills lose their value. An entire generation could lose talented artists, designers and fashion designers. For the consumer, the situation is also fraught. It’s hard to believe that buyers, spoiled by the quality and creativity of the lineup, will wear stamped Chinese long sleeves that have lost their shape and color after several washes.

Develop domestic fashion

The only correct solution is to create conditions under which creativity will become available to the general public. Talented artists are already being supported from the state budget, and commercial companies are also emerging that cover the costs of production, logistics and promotion. The youngest and rapidly developing brand «Fashion BAR», which produces talented domestic authors.

We are constantly looking for cool creative ideas. By the will of fate, I often had to work with creative people, and I have often observed with what trepidation new art is born, and then sent to gather dust in a folder for many years. The purpose of the brand «Fashion BAR» is to get the most delicious projects from the archives and make them closer to people.

Now «Fashion BAR» creates stylish street-wear: artists from Moscow and Belarus are working on creative art. In the near future, shopping bags and baseball caps will be added to high-quality and bright hoodies.

You can find out the latest brand news in the fashionbar telegram channel.


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