Gifts with character: how to surprise your beloved man


February 23 is coming soon! If you have not yet decided on a gift for your beloved man, we have options for you that will definitely please him.

How to surprise a person who seems to have everything and who needs nothing? The MANBOX company answered this question and created unique gift sets that will definitely cheer up your man and leave the most vivid emotions in his memory.

Emotions will begin right from the opening of the gift. MANBOX provided brutal packaging — you need to make an effort to open it! To do this, each set includes scrap.

Options for filling a gift can be very different: from delicacies to items from a time capsule. All products in gastro sets have a fresh production date and a long shelf life.

What’s inside?

We all know that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Therefore, we offer to please your beloved man with real gastronomic delights, which are unlikely to be found in a store nearby.

Taiga BOX

Pine cone jam, pine nuts in pine syrup, Kalina-raspberry confiture, pine cone jam with assorted nuts, candied pine cones, candied cranberries, Ivan tea, venison riet with forest mushrooms and cranberries. Real jam! Isn’t this a foodie’s dream?

Whiskey BOX

The history of whiskey begins in the XIV century, and over the centuries that have passed since then, each nation has formed its own special culture of drinking this drink.

The gift set contains all the necessary paraphernalia in order to enjoy the taste of your favorite strong drink.

Graceful edges of damask and whiskey glasses made of Italian crystal glass emphasize the nobility of the drink and create a luxurious atmosphere. Steatite cubes will cool the drink without diluting it. The set also includes a bucket, molds and ice tongs.

Male Siberian BOX

For men who are fond of hunting, it is difficult to choose a good gift. But it’s possible! Deer stew, stewed bear meat, dried elk with juniper, dried turkey with turmeric, dried beef, dried horse meat with garlic and coriander, dried venison, stewed roe meat, cedar cone jam, viburnum-raspberry confiture, pine nut kernel, Ivan tea, assorted nuts in pine syrup are delicacies that will definitely please the hunter.

Old School BOX

Who does not dream of returning to childhood? Under one cover — the most desired gifts for children of the 90s: the legendary SEGA game console, MAGISTR (220 built-in games and an SD card slot), which can be connected to any TV and play your favorite games from childhood; two joysticks; game «Tetris»; a whole block of your favorite chewing gum LOVE IS… with liners (100 pcs); Rubik’s Cube; yo-yo — spinner from the 90s; a rainbow-spring, the same one that was always tangled, which we liked to let it run down the stairs. Nostalgia!

Autocare BOX

Keeping your iron horse clean and tidy is the responsibility of every self-respecting motorist. In the set you will find: folding bucket, dashboard polish, car shampoo with wax, aerosol lubricant, Anti-rain spray, a set of three wipes for different surfaces, Anti-tobacco fragrance-spray, a suede cloth, wet wipes for the salon, a sponge for body wash, sponge «Chinchilla» — to remove dust from any surfaces.

This set contains everything you need to clean your car at self-service car washes and in the country.

MANBOX gift sets will be an excellent solution for congratulating the male environment on any occasion. Hurry up to please your loved ones!


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