Family holiday: how to take great photos and not miss all the fun


Children grow up so fast that I want to capture in memory and on film as many very significant and simply pleasant moments as possible. Birthdays, first steps and victories — all this I want to share with the child in the moment and at the same time leave a photo as a keepsake.

The easiest way, of course, is to hire professional photographers for such events. But there will not always be finances for this — after all, there are actually much more family festivities than you can imagine. Here we have put together 5 simple tips for those who want to enjoy the holiday with everyone and at the same time take a couple of cool pictures for a family album.

Make up approximate list of photosthat you want to do

Visualization is an important part of any creative process. It’s much easier to go with a plan, knowing full well what shot you want to take next. The list may include photos of gifts, a cake, a dressed-up child, or the whole family. Include in your plan all the shots that you would like to make. And it is not necessary to carry a piece of paper with a list with you everywhere — the very process of writing it will make you unconsciously remember all your intentions.

Take a couple of photosgraphics before the guests arrive

You can start the photo session in advance. If you are not one of those who dress up children at the last moment, then this option is definitely for you. When the holiday starts, it will be much more difficult to catch a child and catch him in his original form. No one is immune from juice spilled on a dress or a cake stain on a shirt. In addition, before the start of the event, the decorations (set table, etc.) will also be intact. And most importantly — in this case, you do not have to distract the child from playing with peers in the midst of the holiday.

Choose the best lighting

Take care of choosing the right place for photos in advance. Remember that light is the key to creating a great shot. Choose a well-lit area. In the house, you can build on which room is best lit by natural light, and on the street, be guided by the position of the sun.

Isuse burst mode

Most modern cameras and some smartphones are equipped with a continuous shooting function. In this mode, with one light touch of a button, you can take several photos at once in motion. This solution will greatly simplify your life and save time. Of course, there will be much more photos on the memory card of your camera, but the chances of catching the most sincere smile or funny pose of a child will increase significantly. After taking a series of pictures, you can return to the table again and enjoy the holiday with everyone.

Requestget someone to «insure» you

Last but not least, don’t forget to ask for help. If you’re worried that you can’t do it yourself, find among the family members who, in case of emergency, can stand behind the camera. With a ready-made list of necessary personnel, it will be much easier to transfer your authority to a partner. The main thing is to check in advance whether the cap is removed from the lens! 😉

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