Do you like to sleep under a blanket in the summer, how do we love it?


Spring is finally approaching, the snow has come off the sidewalks, the time to go to country houses begins, and very soon summer will come, when you can not only go to the country, but also go hiking, and open the windows wide open in the house and enjoy the summer air.

By the name, you probably guessed that we are talking about summer blankets. A lot of people prefer to sleep, even in summer, under winter, warm blankets, someone is just too lazy to clean them, someone is just used to sleeping under the same blanket all year round, but still at some point it is warm, large , your favorite blanket is at your feet, because no matter how unusual and cozy it is, it is unbearably hot under it. And these nights begin, when at first it is chilly, then hot, and again the search for a blanket at the feet to hide, and so you can continue indefinitely.

Enough lyrics. We have found the perfect option for you.

Our summer blanket is light, airy, cool, especially for those who like to sleep under the covers, and not under the sheets. It is easy to fold, it is convenient to transport it in a car, take it with you on a hike, in a tent, it is perfect as a country option. It is enough to insert it into a duvet cover and you will sleep very comfortably on a summer night. Although it is light and thin, it has a fluffiness and retains heat, and it also has a very attractive price.


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