Oh sport, you are the world! And also a way to create a dream body, find friends, meet a beautiful girl, increase self-esteem and self-confidence … The list is endless. So you need to approach sports thoroughly — and we advise you to start with the selection of a sports uniform. And here it’s definitely impossible to save money and buy the first thing that comes across — comfortable clothes will help you do it without being distracted by stitching fabric, sloppy seams and locks that cut into the body. How to choose the perfect sports uniform — we will tell in this article.

Hall or park?

First decide where you will work. For the gym, you need light, loose-fitting trousers — the main thing here is not to overheat. And if you’re more into running in the park, we recommend getting a hoodie and padded pants in case of bad weather. Good models for all occasions are offered by the men’s clothing brand DAVID & GERENZO — here are T-shirts, suits, trousers, and even jackets.

We are for the environment!

It is best to choose natural fabrics for sports — we will not open America here. Cotton with the addition of a small percentage of synthetics removes moisture from the body, is pleasant to the skin, helps it breathe even during serious exertion, and at the same time tolerates numerous washings well. For example, DAVID&GERENZO clothes are made of 70% cotton and 30% polyester — a win-win combination in the design of modern things.

Simple and tasteful

The simpler the cut of sportswear, the better it sits on its owner. The abundance of laces, locks, buttons and other accessories only shifts the focus from the quality of clothing to unnecessary decor. Therefore, we advise you to choose high-quality clothes with a laconic cut without designer frills, which often interfere with movements. An example of such clothes is a suit from the DAVID&GERENZO brand, created in the style of the famous movie Gentlemen. A soft discreet print, a comfortable trouser style with an elastic band, red stripes on the bomber jacket and trousers — and voila, you are gorgeous! In such a suit, you can not only have an excellent outdoor workout, but also become the star of the party.

Forgot about functionality?

How can you forget about this? For a tracksuit, deep pockets in trousers or a bomber jacket are required — for a smartphone or player, zippers are strong and durable, a drawstring instead of a belt will help adjust the size to suit your figure, ties on a sweatshirt are a great find in windy weather. In clothes from the men’s brand DAVID&GERENZO, designers have provided for every little thing — in it you will feel comfortable and cozy, like in your favorite slippers.

Last but not least, when looking for workout clothes, don’t go after big-name brands with five-figure price tags. The DAVID&GERENZO brand is ready to offer you high-quality clothing, stylish and comfortable, at a mass market price. After all, the main thing is that the suit sits!

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