Morning comes, I turn off the alarm clock, not fully waking up, I go to brush my teeth, then I’m going to work. So five days a week. Every morning is a bit like Groundhog Day. Familiar?) How to break this circle of identical morning activities, give yourself more time and cheer up?

There is a tip that works! Look at familiar things in a new way. What, for example, if the melody of an alarm clock is an excuse to start the day with a song or dance, and brushing your teeth is not just a hygiene procedure, but a time to dream and mentally be in places where you only want to?

Don’t delay, try it! Change your alarm melody to your favorite song, and your usual toothpaste for something new!

Chelesh Natural Strawberry Toothpaste is just what you need to start and end your day on a bright note. Together with the amazing aroma of wild strawberries, you will find yourself in endless berry meadows, and at this time the paste will gently clean your teeth, normalize the microflora of the oral cavity, have an anti-inflammatory effect and freshen your breath. Isn’t it great?!

You will feel how nature itself takes care of you, because Chelesh pasta is 98% natural ingredients. No fluorine, parabens or other chemical compounds. Only the most careful protection for your teeth.

Choose which morning you want for yourself? “As always” or with strawberry flavor?

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