Not all bath towels perform their main function well, low-quality models will not absorb moisture well and dry for a long time. We figure out how to choose the right bath towel that will do its job perfectly and last a long time.


The absorbent properties directly depend on the material from which the towel is made. The best choice — natural cottonwhich does not cause allergies. Soft towels with excellent absorbent properties are made from long-staple cotton. The composition should not contain synthetic components. For example, silicone, which is usually added to cotton to give volume to the pile, repels moisture.

Bath towels brown 70×140 and Geometry jacquard bath towel brown-beige 70×140 Russian brand Tkano

Density and pile

The number of villi per unit area determines the density of the product. The higher the density, the softer the towel, but the value should not exceed 650 g/m2Otherwise, the product will dry for a long time. Towels weighing up to 450 g/m2 too thin, so they get wet quickly. Optimum density: from 450 to 650 g/m2.

Bath towel mint 90×150 and Geometry jacquard bath towel brown-beige 70×140 by Tkano

Towels made of terry yarn absorb moisture better than others — it can be recognized by small loops on each villus. The air pockets that form between the loops keep water in the threads. Also popular are peshtemals — cotton towels: they do not have lint, but at the same time, thanks to the natural material, they perfectly absorb moisture and dry quickly.

Blue bath towel, 90×150 cm Russian brand Tkano


Do not leave a wet towel in a damp bathroom immediately after use. It will begin to smell damp, and in a humid room a favorable environment for the reproduction of microorganisms. After water procedures in the bathroom where the towel is hanging, it is better to turn on the ventilation, open the door for ventilation or hang the product in the open air.

Gravity designer blue towel, 70×140 cm by Tkano

Terry towels should be washed separately from any other home textiles so that they do not lose color, and there are no zippers or buttons on the pile. Washing conditioner can also impair absorbency, so it is best to refrain from using it. It is recommended to wash bath towels at least once a week at an average temperature of 40℃.


The seams should be even, without protruding threads. The edges are well finished. It is also worth paying attention to the border of the product: it must be made of the same natural material, which is the main canvas. Otherwise, the synthetic border will give baboutshrinkage after washing, and the towel will lose its shape.

In order to choose a truly high-quality bath towel, when making a purchase, pay attention to the material, density and pile of the product.

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