We have prepared for you the most detailed article, in which we told everything about how to keep the original look of jewelry. The reading will take only 5 minutes, and the knowledge gained will save you from the common mistakes that many make when wearing, cleaning and storing jewelry.
How to wear:
1. Remove chains and bracelets before swimming in the sea. And the point is not that you can simply lose your jewelry, but that the lock of chains and bracelets includes a small steel spring, which, under the influence of salt water, begins to rust and loses its strength.
2. Remove jewelry before facial, hand and make-up procedures, and put on after they are completed, as cosmetics can leave marks on your jewelry or change their color.
3. It is not recommended to do housework in jewelry, take a bath or shower, visit a sauna, a bathhouse and a swimming pool. For example, chlorine reacts very easily with silver and quickly destroys it.
4. It is necessary to remove jewelry during sports activities and before going to bed, so as not to damage them.
5. It is not recommended to remove/put on chains and bracelets without opening the lock. Your jewelry may snag and break.
How to store:
1. Jewelry should be stored in specially designed for this tightly
closed boxes, cases or caskets that protect from dust and light.
2. Jewelry and steel jewelry should be stored separately (in a separate box) from jewelry.
3. Products made of various materials and with various coatings (wood, glass, plastic,
silvering, gilding, rhodium plating, oxidation) should be stored in groups separately from each other.
4. Silver items should always be stored in a dry place in the dark. In a warm, humid environment (such as a bathroom), silver items quickly fade, and may even darken and become stained.
5. Chains, especially long and thin chains, should be stored as straight as possible to avoid tangling, wrinkling and binding.
6 Silver should be kept away from rubber, paints, medicines, household chemicals and cosmetics.
How to care:
It is necessary to remove dirt from the surface of jewelry in a timely manner. We will talk about well-known cleaning products that are suitable for daily care, but in case of severe contamination, we strongly recommend contacting professional jewelers.
1. Special microfiber cloths. This is a great tool for the care of products for every day. Just wipe the product after wearing and put it in the box. You can also use a dry woolen cloth for this.
2. Wipes impregnated with a cleaning agent, pastes, foams, sprays and other dry and liquid special products for cleaning gold and silver items. Among the advantages of such cosmetics, one can single out the fact that it forms a protective film on the surface, which will subsequently protect it from darkening.
Please note that gold-plated, oxidized, rhodium-plated silver and silver with enamel cannot be cleaned (you may damage the coating), these products can only be wiped with microfiber or dry woolen cloth or use special, professional products designed for a specific coating.
3. Ultrasonic baths for cleaning jewelry. The product is placed in a special bath,
filled with water or a special composition, where the product is cleaned under the action of ultrasound. This is already professional equipment, but on the market you can find small devices (mostly made in China) for home use. In our opinion, such cleaning is rarely required for products and it will be easier to take the products to a jewelry workshop. And instead of an ultrasonic bath, buy yourself another piece of jewelry.
4. Of the «folk remedies» it is worth mentioning a warm soapy solution, but it is better not to use it when cleaning jewelry with stones, because. it can form a greasy film (especially on topazes) due to its fat content. Slightly darkened silver should be held in a saturated soapy solution, then thoroughly rinsed and wiped with a special cloth that is designed for polishing or a dry woolen cloth. Such fabrics are very soft and do not damage the surface of silver jewelry.
Immediately after cleaning, the surface of silver easily enters into all kinds of reactions, and therefore, after cleaning, it is better not to wear silver for a couple of days, so that a thin protective layer of oxides can form on its surface.
How not to spoil:
1. It is strictly forbidden to clean silver jewelry with toothpaste, tooth powder, baking soda, ammonia, acetic acid and ordinary wet wipes. The fact is that they do not spare silver at all, and if you have coated jewelry (gilding, oxidation, rhodium plating or special protective enamel), then it can be broken.
2. Do not use paper towels for cleaning and polishing, leaving behind small scratches on the silver surface. A network of scratches covering the jewelry will reduce its brilliance and generally negatively affect its appearance.
3. If you do not have special skills, do not try to repair jewelry yourself, this can lead to even more problems.
By following these simple rules, you will keep your jewelry for years to come. And day after day they will delight you and bring you only positive emotions.

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