Woks and what they are

Today it is difficult to find a person who would not be familiar with Asian cuisine. Wok dishes are the hallmark of Chinese and Asian cuisine in general, which cannot be cooked without a wok.

What is a wok pan for?

Cooking in a wok usually takes less than 15 minutes, so dishes are obtained:

usefulsince the products almost do not lose vitamins and nutrients with such a quick heat treatment;

not greasysince a small amount of oil is enough for frying (unless, of course, you deep-fry or a large amount of oil), and the frying process itself does not take a lot of time;

— Meat and vegetables, when quickly fried, become crispy and flavorfulacquiring a dense crust and appetizing appearance.

Also, a wok is a universal helper in the kitchen.

Basically a frying pan wok is used for fast frying— stir-fry (from the English «fry and stir»), but it also you can stew meat and vegetablescovering the pan with a lid, use as a container for deep frying, like a double boiler using a special grate, and you can also cook soup in it.

It can easily replace a regular frying pan, stewpan or small saucepan.

What is a wok pan?

The classic Chinese wok has a round shape, convex bottom, high and thin walls. It is made of cast iron or carbon steel and most often has a single wooden handle.

For home kitchens«European» wok with a flat bottom for gas and induction cookers. On the market, there are mainly woks made of non-stick steel or stainless steel, with one or two handles.

This modification allows you to stand more steadily on a conventional stove during cooking, without losing all the properties of a classic wok pan.

Types of wok pans Pros and cons of materials

Cast iron woks


— Durable


— Can be cooked on gas, electric stove and open fire

— Not afraid of high temperature heating

— Good wear resistance, hard to scratch



— take a long time to heat up

-After each cooking, the pan requires care

-May start to rust if left in water for a long time

— Do not leave cooked food in a cast iron pan

— With prolonged contact with products, without cleaning, the metal absorbs their smell

Cast iron woks are used mainly for stewing meat and vegetables, making stews, and also for boiling broths. They are mostly used only in China.

Aluminum woks with non-stick coating



— Heat up quickly

— Can be cooked on a gas or electric stove

— Relatively inexpensive


— Non-stick coating wears out quickly

— Can only be washed in the ECO mode in the dishwasher

If you bought a wok made of steel WITHOUT non-stick coating or cast iron

Before the first use, so that the products do not stick to the walls and do not burn, you need to apply a protective non-stick coating. To do this, the wok pan needs to be “opened” or as the Chinese call this process “hoi wok”. There are more than 10 ways to open. This one is the easiest to use at home.

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