Why on hot days you need to be attentive to the condition of pets?


Of course, no one should be in the open scorching sun or in a stuffy room for a long time. But among the purrs, there are those who are more vulnerable to heatstroke than others.

Which cats are the worst at heat tolerance?

— With chronic diseases (heart, blood vessels, respiratory tract);

— Over 7 years old;

— Overweight;

— Hairless or cut too short.

— Breeds with short and flattened muzzles. For example: Persian, Burmese, British and Scottish. These cats have a harder time breathing rapidly, so they cannot quickly cool their body naturally.

If your pet falls into any of these categories, be proactive and stay alert. Three whales of overheating prevention: constant access to water, shade and air circulation.

And there must be proper nutrition. For sterilized and neutered cats, we offer Probalance Sterilized with a vitamin and mineral complex.

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