What fabric to choose for a dressing gown?


Today we will tell you what fabric we sew our bathrobes from, and what are the advantages of each type.

Velor mahr

What does she represent?
First, it is a luxury quality fabric. Yes, yes, and not just like that, it is made of 100% cotton, which means it is completely natural, and it is also very dense — 500 g per m2.
Secondly, it is a double-sided fabric! On the inside there is a fluffy terry, which means that the bathrobe perfectly absorbs moisture and fits nicely to the body. And on the outside — velor, which gives the dressing gown a pleasant and stately look, plus the velor is very soft and the dressing gown looks like a plush.
Below are velor-mahr robes.

Terry cloth

We are sure that not the second, but the first, faced the mahr. But we will still tell you what kind of fabric it is.
Mahra is made from 100% cotton, which means it is the same, completely natural as velor-mahr.
The density of such a fabric is 400 g per m2. Less than velor terry, but the fabric is still quite dense and perfectly absorbs moisture. The fabric itself is soft and pleasant to the body, and with proper use will last for many years.
Below are terry cloth.


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