What are woody scents?

Woody — a family of fragrances, the character of which is determined by the notes of the woody group: patchouli, oak moss, cedar, vetiver, oud, rosewood, guaiac wood, sandalwood, cypress, juniper and others.

The general characteristics of aromas belonging to the woody family are velvety bitterness, astringency, sometimes with smoky, sweetish and balsamic undertones. Obviously, in order for a fragrance to fall into this category, its main accord must also be woody.

Woody, in turn, are divided into subgroups:

1. Spicy fragrances are compositions with notes of sandalwood, oak bark, oud tree, juniper, oak moss, alder, fir, pine and cypress. In most spiced perfumes, there are floral or citrus notes of lavender, mandarin flowers, lemon. There are also multi-woody aromas that include aquatic and marine notes, the smell of leather, fruits and green herbal echoes.

2. Chypre fragrances — modern chypre fragrances are warm, dry, and almost all built around a woody-mossy union of bergamot, labdanum, oakmoss, patchouli.

3. Fougère fragrances are a class that includes compositions obtained by combining primarily woody notes interspersed with thick scents of oak moss, coumarin, often lavender and bergamot.

4. Floral fragrances — WOODY BRANCH — a classic option when a floral perfume is rich in woody undertones. Very often, such perfumes are represented by a pair: Rose and Oud, Jasmine and Sandalwood, Gardenia and Cedar.

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