: Good sleep, sports and rest are the most important components of a healthy and productive life for any person. First of all, in order to fall asleep quickly and sleep well, to get up in the morning vigorous and full of strength, the position of the spine during sleep or rest should be relaxed and in the correct position. The material is malleable enough to take the desired shape, its properties contribute to a slow recovery after compression. This prevents rolling off the pillow during sleep, the pressure on the muscles of the head and neck is distributed evenly, the muscles do not experience tension.

And most importantly, the spine takes the correct position, the vessels are not pinched, which helps to improve blood circulation, reduce the risk of pain and other unpleasant sensations after sleep, during sports and rest.

1. Anatomic cushion in the form of a roller for universal use. Pillow «Euphoria» from Smart Textile helps to maintain the optimal position of the neck, unloads the muscles of the cervical-collar zone. Ideal for travel, convenient to take with you. Due to the shape of the cushion, the pillow can also be used in the rehabilitation of the lower extremities, diseases of the cervical and lumbar spine. Helps relieve back pain and provides a comfortable, relaxing body position.

2. Anatomical memory foam pillow designed for both sitting and lying down. Pillow «Standard» from Smart Textile has a special anatomical shape, which provides a comfortable supportive effect, relieves muscle tension, the spine takes the correct shape, which is important for the prevention of diseases such as scoliosis or osteochondrosis. The pillow is equipped with an elastic band for easy attachment to the back of a chair or armchair. Recommended for office workers, motorists, pregnant women, and all those who experience back pain.

3. Anatomic pillow in the form of a semi-roller with a memory effect and silver ions. The shape of the Health Formula pillow from Smart Textile is universal for use under the neck, lower back, and legs. The optimal shape, height of the pillow and the memory foam material it is made of will provide support and help relieve tension in the muscles to relax and forget about pain.

4. Anatomical memory horseshoe pillow, horseshoe shape, support the neck comfortably, provide long-term comfort without changing the body posture. Pillow «Voyage» from Smart Textile, thanks to its ergonomic design, is ideal for relieving tension in the neck and collar area. Such a pillow will give a great opportunity to relax or sleep while traveling.

How to choose and buy an anatomical pillow?

1. When choosing a pillow, pay special attention to determining the required size of the pillow, because the anatomical pillow should adapt to the body, and not determine its posture.

2. You should be guided by personal feelings and choose the option that seems most comfortable for you to sleep, you should also take into account your preferred position during sleep.

3. When buying an anatomical pillow, pay attention to the cover: it should be made of pleasant to the touch, breathable fabric, a removable cover makes it easier to care for the product.

The Smart-Textile company produces anatomical memory foam pillows of all presented and other forms. The material is durable, absolutely safe for allergy sufferers, the composition of the filler prevents the reproduction of dust mites.

There is an option for every wallet, because the price range depends on the properties of these materials. In addition, modern anatomical pillows are made of durable, high-strength materials, which, even after a long time of use, retain their supporting properties, do not wrinkle, do not lose their shape.

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