What are the masks?


A little about masks

Sometimes basic skin care products may not be enough and you need a more serious dose of cleansing, exfoliation or moisturizing than usual. Masks do just that. There are many types and formats of masks, but today I will tell you about the most popular ones.

✅ CLEANSING masks contain clay or charcoal, they perfectly absorb oil and dirt, thereby cleansing the pores. It is worth using them 1-2 times a week so as not to overdry the skin.

✅ PEELING masks contain acids or enzymes and are designed to remove excess keratinized skin, dissolve fat and comedones in the pore. They should also be used 1-2 times a week.

✅ MOISTURIZING masks — the most popular category. They contain the same ingredients as moisturizers, but in a higher concentration. Moisturizing masks are useful when the skin is especially tired and dehydrated, while using them daily.
✅ NOURISHING masks contain various oils, silicones, ceramides. They are especially good for dry skin and make up for the lack of natural fats. Use as needed.

✅ NIGHT masks are, in fact, a night cream. But the effect of them is more obvious than from a regular cream. They also come in different directions — moisturize, nourish, heal and restore the skin. They can be used daily.

✅ ALGINATE masks appeared not so long ago. These masks are mixed with water, harden and removed in one layer. Effects are also different. Such masks are useful if you need a very quick effect.


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