What are kitchen tongs and how to use them?


Kitchen tongs are a multifunctional kitchen accessory that is suitable for cooking in a pan, grill, grill, deep-frying and even for serving.

  • For grill

For lovers of cooking on the grill, there are special tongs. They will be made of high quality stainless steel due to the fact that the cooking process on the grill is accompanied by frequent contact with the flame. The shape of these forceps resembles scissors, and some look like large tweezers.

  • For spaghetti

Such models have a very convenient shape, which allows you to conveniently and easily remove the pasta from the pan and immediately put it on the plates. For chefs in restaurants, this is simply an indispensable attribute.

  • pastry tongs

Also come in different sizes. Small ones — for refined sugar, sweets or marmalade. Large tongs are handy for pastries and cakes.

There are many other types of tongs. For example, for ice, salads, nuts. There are special tongs for asparagus, snails, oysters, lobsters. They differ in tip design, shape and size.

There are also universal tongs that are suitable for different dishes.

  • Materials and shapes

As a rule, the appearance of kitchen tongs resembles standard tweezers, but in very large sizes. For the convenience of cooks, there are devices with a variety of tips for different products.

You can choose exactly the option that will be convenient for you.


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