What are fougere fragrances?

Fougère is a family of fragrances whose character is determined by the notes of the fougere group: lavender, coumarin, salicylates and oak moss. This category of fragrances should be considered artificial, as well as the group of notes that defines it, since it does not rely on direct ingredient identification. In fact, the lavender and coumarin that make up the fougere accord belong to the aromatic and gourmand groups, respectively, while the oakmoss and salicylates belong to the woody and floral groups. However, it is one of the most significant and dynamically developing perfume genres. Its general characteristics can be called freshness and airiness, turning into a warm amber-gourmand warmth. But not all wine glasses are built according to the same scheme.

Fougère fragrances are a perfume group that is not threatened by time. They are suitable for any time of the year. In turn, fougere aromas are divided into subgroups, such as:

1. Aquatic fragrances — characterized by a cool, transparent, light, fresh, «wet» sound.Thisthe group is considered a subgroup of fantasy compositions, since none of the notes that define it has a pronounced smell and does not serve as a source of natural raw materials.

2. Spicy aromas are compositions obtained by combining primarily woody notes interspersed with thick smells of oak moss, coumarin, often lavender and bergamot. These fragrances are charged with intoxicating dope, some kind of nebula, vegetable greenery and herbaceousness, which is guaranteed to ensure the interest of the stronger sex in such compositions.

3. Citrus — family fragrancesthe nature of which is determined by the notescitrusgroups: orange, tangerine, lemon, grapefruit, lime, yuzu, tangerine, pomelo and others. Such compositions can be characterized as fresh, sparkling, transparent, airy. Sometimes juiciness and astringency are added to them.

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