What are folding beds?


A folding bed is usually called a mobile folding bed, which, when folded, is placed in the trunk of a car, pantry or on a balcony.

Folding beds have been popular since ancient Rome. Clamshells were a grid of straps stretched over a frame with legs. The supports folded, so the products could be carried, and that is why they were often taken by warriors on campaigns. Modern models differ from their ancestors in comfort, thoughtful design, which becomes very compact when folded, as well as the presence, for example, of a mattress, lifting headrest or wheels.

Clamshells by appointment

Depending on where and under what conditions it is planned to use a folding bed, these mobile beds can be:

*Urban and suburban. These include the most budgetary models, as they are the lightest and most compact, so that they can be easily hidden under the bed or to another place, as well as transported by car.

* Camping and tourist. They are light in weight and very small in size when assembled.

*Hotel. Usually these are larger, more stable and heavier models, as their regular transportation is not planned. They are more expensive than simple models.

*Children’s. They differ in height and size, and therefore are more compact.

Types of folding beds by type of base

The base of the bed is a very important point. The comfort of a vacationer on a folding bed largely depends on it.

Consider the possible options:

*Power fabric. The base is wear-resistant, dense and durable fabric, which is stretched by springs around the entire perimeter. Such models are the most inexpensive, easy to use and most lightweight.

* Carapace mesh. It is a galvanized, intertwined spring. For a long time it does not stretch, but slightly bends under the weight of a person. Example, model with article number 77235682

* Spring-«snake». Such a base is made of bent metal rods, which are connected by springs. These folding beds are quite reliable, durable and quite affordable. Lamels. Such models have a metal frame to which wooden plates are attached. This base can be called orthopedic, as it maintains the correct position of the back, promotes free air circulation. Able to carry a decent amount of weight. Models with article numbers 77224948, 77220296 and 77227129 are just one of those.

When choosing a folding bed, of course, you will pay attention to its size. The length can be chosen according to your height, and it is better to choose a width of 70-80 cm.

When a lot of friends or relatives gather — it’s great! So that the owner of the house does not have any difficulties with accommodating all the guests for the night, there should be a folding bed in stock. This device will come in handy more than once on a hike or even on vacation in a country house.


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