What are bathrobes and how to make a choice?

Home clothes are of great importance for everyone. When we are faced with a choice, it turns out that many factors are important to us: comfort, fabric composition, tactile sensations, purpose, and also that it is beautiful and sits on the figure. There is an opinion that bathrobes are unpretentious home clothes. However, this is not quite true. In fact, bathrobes have many types and meanings. And in order for you to enjoy wearing a dressing gown, you need to thoroughly approach its choice.

We have highlighted for you the main points to which you should pay special attention.

1. The purpose of the bathrobe. It can be a bathrobe (used mainly in the bath, after a shower) or a dressing gown (in which it is convenient to walk at home), and there are bathrobes that combine both a bath and a home dressing gown — universal

2. Bathrobes are distinguished by type of fabric (terry bathrobe, velor bathrobe, waffle bathrobe, knitted and others)

3. Fabric composition (bamboo, cotton, viscose, silk, microfiber)

4. Seasonality

Our company offers an extensive range of women’s, men’s and children’s dressing gowns. When developing our FIVE WIEN and VIEN bathrobe collections, we try to take into account a lot: the interests of all groups, unique fabrics, and the latest European fashion trends, but taking into account Russian sizes. Creating our collections of bathrobes, we combine modern technologies, trends and trends and weave exclusive design and unique style into them.

Let yourself plunge into the world of comfortable fashion!

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