Types of clipper motors: what are they and what are their differences


The motor is one of the main elements of the clipper. All machines can be divided into two large types: rotary and vibration. Let’s see how they differ.

  • Vibrating. In these machines, the movement of the knife is provided by creating an electromagnetic field. Vibrating machines are powered only, they are often cheaper than machines with a different type of motor, and last longer. Among the shortcomings of such machines, one can distinguish a large weight (about 500-600 g), vibration, heating during a long haircut and noise level. There are also machines with an anchor (pivot) motor. Anchor motors run at fewer revolutions but with twice the shear force. They are less noisy and heat up more slowly during long haircuts.

In the photo, the WAHL Elite Pro clipper is the most powerful clipper in the WAHL home tool line.

  • Rotary. Rotary machines are characterized by high power, they are lighter and quieter. The rotary motor is used in cordless machines, so they are often more expensive than vibrating machines.

WAHL machines with vibration motor:

WAHL machines with rotary motor:


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