A win-win outfit that is perfect for hot summer weather is a suit with shorts, which has become almost the main trend of this summer. And you can choose absolutely any, for example, a knitted version with a sweatshirt.

Such suits have become popular due to their comfort and versatility. Soft and comfortable outfits do not restrict movement, hide figure flaws and such a suit would be appropriate in a cafe, for a walk in the park or on the sports ground.

If earlier fashion allowed to wear tracksuits exclusively during sports or on vacation, now you can even go to a restaurant in it. Today, the tracksuit has migrated to the rating of everyday outfits and has taken a leading position. That is why the costume and its individual components can be combined with anything.

You can wear the set both together and with other elements of the wardrobe, creating various summer looks.

Shorts fit:

— T-shirt — basic, oversize or cropped

— crop top

— cropped or basic longsleeve

— Polo T-shirt

On a cool summer day, a sweatshirt can be beautifully thrown over a T-shirt or top, which will add layering. Throw the sleeves of the sweatshirt over your shoulders and tie a loose knot in front. This will create an attractive, elegant and popular image.

On its own, the sweatshirt is a versatile and casual piece of clothing. With it, you can quickly form new images without making any special efforts. The sweatshirt is combined with:

— jeans

— sports trousers

— concise types of skirts — skirt to the floor, fluffy, denim model, with a smell.

Plenty of shoe combinations too. The costume can be worn with sneakers, sneakers, sandals. And the most daring can create an image with high-heeled shoes. The outfit can be safely supplemented with non-trivial bags, as well as accessories.

A suit with shorts is a great opportunity to feel comfortable in any situation. Wear the set together or combine with other elements of the wardrobe!

The presented models of suits you will find in the catalog of our brand. Be irresistible and feel at ease and at ease with the Palitra Love brand!


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