Preschoolers also need a backpack, just like schoolchildren!


Teach your child to be independent from an early age.

Does your child go to kindergarten or attend various educational activities for children? He certainly needs a backpack for a change of clothes and shoes, a favorite toy, colored pencils and other important little things. The most important thing is that the backpack should be light. Babies at this age still have little strength, and the back is not strong enough, therefore, when choosing a backpack for preschoolers, you need to give preference to reinforced straps and a breathable back with adjustable straps to evenly distribute the load on the children’s spine. These backpacks have a large capacity, are stitched with high quality and are made of water-repellent material, perfect for children from 3-7 years old. It is very convenient when inside there is one large compartment that closes with a high-quality secure zipper, a patch pocket for small items and side pockets. Little children, as everyone knows, are often clumsy and quickly get dirty. Choose backpacks from which any stains can be easily removed with water and soap, and you can wash the product in a washing machine. Little girls really like bright backpacks, because when they put them on, they feel like adults. A large selection of colors will please even the most fastidious kids. Comfortable and lightweight, the backpack is perfect for long walks in nature and even travel, your little one will be able to carry his things on his own, while mesh side pockets and a reliable suspension system will make the backpack even more spacious and comfortable.


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