Pet bed: what are the options?

When buying a pet, the question immediately arises: where will he live? There is no doubt that together with you, in an apartment or in a private house. But after all, everyone should have some kind of secluded place, and it doesn’t matter who exactly you have acquired: a cat or a dog. After all, even if we take any average family as an example: everyone lives together in the same apartment, but everyone has their own room. And taking a pet into your home, you need to understand that he actually becomes a new member of the family. But, you see, to allocate a separate room is somehow too much, and there is not always such an opportunity. But everyone can organize a cozy sleeping place for a future pet!

And here the owner of a small animal opens up several options for action. Now we will write everything down point by point so that there is no confusion!)

1. Lay an old blanket on the floor

Yes, this option is the easiest, you don’t have to fool around at all. Pick up an old soft blanket, such as terry. Fold it several times and throw it on the floor, where the future corner of the pet is supposed to be. Pros: You won’t waste your money or time. Of the minuses … There are a lot of them! Firstly, the blanket will be constantly disheveled, looking sloppy. Second, it will slide across the floor. And, most likely, your animal will not like it at all, since the lack of a clear shape and sides will deprive the feeling of security. Therefore, your pupil will sleep anywhere except this «couch».

2. Do-it-yourself bed with sides

Oh, this one is not for the faint of heart! To begin with, you will have to try and find a suitable pattern on the Internet, then somehow print it out (most often the patterns are much larger than A4 sheets used for standard printers). We must not forget about high-quality fabric and synthetic winterizer — so that the animal sleeps comfortably! Well, after purchasing all the necessary materials, we proceed to sewing itself. To do this, you will have to remember the lessons of labor at school. We carefully cut out the details, make a basting, then we sew everything firmly and firmly on the sewing machine! No machine, we sew by hand.

From the pros: in theory, a fairly high-quality thing should turn out, the pet should like it. There will definitely be more cons here … A lot of time and money spent. And in this case, the saying «time is money» is not at all in your favor. Plus, it may turn out that your hands are not at all intended for this kind of activity, and the bed itself will turn out to be crooked and sloppy.


For those who do not want to spend a lot of time, but at the same time have a beautiful and stylish bedding, an excellent option would be to buy a bed for dogs and cats of the Russian brand ZOOTORIKA. From quality material (100% cotton) or upholstery fabric, with a stable shape, beautiful print, the pet bed is suitable for small and medium breeds of dogs and for all cats. Bedding models of different shapes will definitely find a response in your heart)

The choice is yours!)

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