How will a natural wood interior make you happy?


Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a spacious house in the middle of a forest. The rain is pounding on the roof, the fire is quietly crackling in the fireplace, the smell of freshly brewed mulled wine is coming from the kitchen, and there is only silence and calmness around. This is how the atmosphere of “hygge” is felt — the Scandinavian style, the main principles of which are warmth and comfort. The Danes are often called the happiest nation, and the secret of this happiness lies in the feeling of absolute comfort. “Hygge” is the ability to enjoy every second of life and create around oneself only what brings pleasure. If you lead an active lifestyle, often meet with friends and return to a cozy home every evening with pleasure, then you definitely share the principles of Scandinavian happiness!

That is why, when choosing interior design, the Danes turn to natural wood.

Firstly, the secret of «Scandinavian happiness» is based on taking care of yourself and your health, so when choosing a material, it is important to evaluate its environmental friendliness. Wood is a plant material that has been used by people since the Stone Age. It absorbs excess moisture, thanks to which the furniture «breathes», allows you to maintain an optimal level of humidity and disinfect the air in the room. Perhaps this was the secret of the strength of the Scandinavian Vikings.

Mike Wiking, founder and CEO of the Institute for the Study of Happiness in Copenhagen, conducted many opinion polls in which he found out that it is not oysters and champagne that make people happy, but the simplest things. A delicious breakfast, a song from childhood, accidentally heard on the radio, an opportunity to get a good night’s sleep after a working week. By the way, people who sleep on wooden beds note an improvement in the quality of sleep and a decrease in stress.

Secondly, wood is a win-win option when decorating rooms. The Danes live in harmony with nature: they love the environment, so they leave parts of it in their own home. Natural wood allows not only to feel unity with nature, but also to use any design solutions, because this material is combined with almost everything.

If you like rough brutalism, use raw textured surfaces made of stone or metal. The wood will add «softness», and even in this style you will feel cozy.

Do you like baroque and antique architecture? Carved wooden furniture in combination with stained-glass windows and crystal will add splendor and luxury.

Do you want to give free rein to self-expression? Any bright colors and wood are a combination of consistency and showiness. Add unusual details, especially handmade items with colorful patterns, and your room will have a special charm!

Another important aspect when choosing a material is the price. The Danes are not accustomed to deny themselves: if something makes you happy, why count the money! Of course, not all people share this position. Fortunately, wood is a material that allows you to save money. For example, wooden walls and furniture have excellent thermal insulation. This is especially true for the inhabitants of Russia, because each region has special climatic conditions. However, decorating the walls with wood costs much less than insulating the facade of a house or balcony. Therefore, if it is important for you to be warm and comfortable in winter, and easy to breathe in summer, the choice is obvious!

After the departure of large furniture manufacturing companies from Russia, finding high-quality eco-friendly natural wood furniture is a real problem. The Danes, of course, do not face such difficulties. Perhaps that is why they live in harmony and happiness! But we should not be upset either: Russian production is gaining more and more popularity, which are not inferior to foreign ones in quality. Hanseles creates solid birch beds that meet all the principles of hygge interiors.

Choose yourself and create comfort and coziness around, then, perhaps, we will also learn the philosophy of Danish happiness!


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