Thinking about New Year’s design?

Don’t know how to decorate a house/room on New year 2022? It’s time to start collecting interesting ideas! The brighter and more varied the design of your room, the more accurately you will be able to convey all the beauty of the holiday in new year’s eve. New Year’s decoration of the house should not be spontaneous and thoughtless: prepare all the materials in advance, design the layout, make sure that each accessory has its own place in the interior.

Creating a harmonious and pleasant design on the New Year theme is not difficult, but this process also requires preparation!

Materials for New Year’s decor

New Year’s decor of an apartment begins with a choice materialssuitable for creating solemn atmosphere. If we are talking about decorating a Christmas tree, then standard decorations come to mind that can be purchased in almost every store before the holiday: glass and plastic toys, garlands, rain, tinsel.

But is it possible to emphasize the stylish and bright New Year’s interior 2022 with the help of other materials? It is possible and even necessary!

Hue and shape decorations also play an important role: everything should be in moderation, so disperse the accessories around the room, stick to uniform style in design and try not to combine several catchy design elements at once.

So that you do not have to redo the work several times, plan in advance where and how the New Year’s atmosphere will be created. Make sure that not only furniture, but also various surfaces in the house are decorated festively: this applies to walls, windows, doors, ceilings, window sills, individual niches and ledges, fireplace areas.

It is desirable that the decoration of the house for the New Year 2022 be made in the same style and not be characterized by an excessive abundance of conflicting shades: white, brown, golden and yellow colors are considered the most successful in this design.

Table setting

The place where guests will gather is the central zone of the festive decor. Therefore, you should not save by decorating the table only with dishes and dishes.

The most striking decoration of the table will be candles: you can choose ready-made options for the New Year theme. Decorative, odorless paraffin candles in the form of «Mandarin», which will allow you to relax and enjoy the holiday.


· Decorative;

· Without smell;

· Long term burning;

· Interior solution;

· New Year mood;

· The compact size, will conveniently be located on the New Year’s table filled with dishes;

· Low price.

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