How to spend a romantic evening even if you don’t have a partner?


A gift set of skin care cosmetics for a romantic evening, just what you need.

Perfect for a romantic evening, both alone with your loved one, and with your loved one.

Fill the bath, bring the aroma foam under the stream of water, the bubbling airy foam will fill the entire space of the bath. Light a candle in the milk jug and a light tropical aroma will fill the entire space of the room. Lie down in the bath and relax, don’t think about anything .. And if your loved one is next to you, relax in his arms.

After taking a bath, moisturize the skin with a shimmering body gel with a slight shimmer (beautifully shimmers, with a slight unobtrusive aroma, contains natural extract of green tea and aloe, which helps to restore and regenerate the skin, as well as nourish and moisturize). Use massage oil to massage yourself or your partner, using massage oil (quickly absorbed) with notes of grapefruit and lemon, feel the citrus aromas fill the space, coconut lip butter will add shine and softness to the lips.

Use a satin bandage on your eyes or on your hands for a variety of intimacy, and a massage candle with the scent of spicy orange (suitable for massage and moisturizing the skin, natural coconut oil and soy wax) for a romantic atmosphere and erotic games. So you can increase arousal, get closer and prolong the pleasure with a partner. Enjoy.


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