A gift set of skin care cosmetics for a romantic evening, just what you need.

Perfect for a romantic evening, both alone with your loved one, and with your loved one.

Fill the bath, hold the foam for a while under running water until the air clouds completely cover it. Light a candle in the milk jug, feel how light amazing aromas fill the room. Take a bath and relax. And if your loved one is next to you, relax in his arms.

After the bath, moisturize the skin with a shimmering body gel with a slight shimmer (beautifully shimmers and with a slight unobtrusive aroma). Massage yourself or your partner using a massage oil (quickly absorbed) with notes of grapefruit and lemon, feel the citrus aromas fill the space, coconut lip butter will add shine and softness to the lips.

Use a satin bandage on your eyes or on your hands for a variety of intimacy, and a massage candle with the scent of spicy orange (suitable for massage and moisturizing the skin) for a romantic atmosphere and erotic games. So you can increase arousal, get closer and prolong the pleasure with a partner. Enjoy.

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