How to quickly and easily organize the space in the kitchen

When there is a hostess in the kitchen, who creates a unique comfort in every part of the apartment, it is always beauty and order in the house. But in order to be in time for everything, you need the right optimization of space! For example, in the kitchen! Just imagine how easy it is when everything is always at hand and no foreign objects are required in order to open or close, for example, a pack of pasta. In this article, we’ll take a look at the categories of containers for easy organization of space in the kitchen, which will make the process of preparing and maintaining order in the kitchen even easier. These containers are suitable not only for storing different types of products, but they can also be used for storing food in the refrigerator, freezer and heating in the microwave.

Bulk storage containers

Each type of product has the right way to store and free-flowing is no exception. For the correct storage of bulk products, it is necessary to observe: the temperature regime and the material of the storage container. What is the best container to store bulk? For example, in a plastic container. A set of plastic containers for bulk products is very light and compact, even children can easily take and put the container in place. Thanks to the transparency of the container, you can easily take the one you need in a matter of seconds. Each container has a sealed lid, which is very easy to open and close with one push, and it will also protect the food from dust, moisture and odors.

Tall containers Tall containers will help organize the storage of spaghetti, cereals, flour, spices, sugar, etc. Also, using the measuring scale on the side panel, you can easily determine how much product you have left or pour how much you need without a measuring cup! Just imagine how convenient and practical it is.

Medium volume containers They will look stylish in any kitchen interior and will help to organize the storage of sugar, dried fruits, dry breakfast, etc. in a beautiful and simple way. Placement in this container makes it easy to preserve the aroma, freshness and taste of food

Small containers ideal for storing snacks, berries, nuts, spices, tea and coffee

Containers for food storage and transportation

How convenient it is when you have a complete order in the refrigerator. In this case, sealed sets of food containers with snap-on lids will help us. Up to 10 containers or one frying pan can be placed on one shelf in the refrigerator … Smart storage is the ability to stack one container on top of another, making it even easier and more tidy to organize space in your refrigerator.

  • Food storage container with a volume of 0.5, 1.0 and 1.6 liters. The containers are designed for heating food in the microwave, storing in the refrigerator, freezing berries and vegetables. They are also convenient to take food to school, work or hiking. The container is completely safe and easy to clean in the dishwasher.

Premium containers

Elegant, strict containers will help create a special style in the kitchen, a combination of strict classics and modern technologies. The one-touch latch pump cap seals the contents of your container. durable plastic is visually indistinguishable from glass, safe for health, will not break when dropped, like glass. A reliable lid allows you to store even liquid products, it will not open accidentally, it will not spill when turning over. Can be refrigerated, frozen, reheated in microwave

We are pleased to present you this unique offer on the Russian market of containers for the storage of bulk products. The containers have a unique lid with four latches and a seal on the lid and dispenser6, which allows you to completely protect your products from moisture, foreign odors, while carefully preserving the freshness of the products. Also in the set are measuring spoons, scoops, which allow you to easily and comfortably measure the right amount of cereals, sugar, salt, flour when cooking.

Optimizing space in the kitchen with containers from the brand ELEMENTO SMART & SIMPLE — it’s convenient, fast, beautiful and easy! And family members will only admire the ease of finding the right food and will always keep order, because with plastic storage containers it is convenient and fast!

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