Spoiler: changing into linen and cotton is optional! We try to adhere to conscious and environmentally friendly consumption: without impulsive purchases, with care for the world around us and the environment. Therefore, for myFLAFFIco, we choose basic minimalistic models and high-quality eco-leather so that handbags will please you for more than one year.

We’ve put together some practical tips for you.

1. Approach care wisely

Examine the tag and follow the rules indicated on it. This will help prolong the life of things) If possible, wash only the stain, and not the whole thing — do so. Washing depletes the fabric!

2. Buy quality items

Good jeans for 5-10 thousand will be bought: they will serve you for a long time even with daily wear!

3.Do not throw away

Has the size changed? Taste? Views? Do not throw away an item that can still be worn.

Present it to your friends, acquaintances or give it to second-hand!

4. Buy practical things

Not for one time, which will be worn often and which will be combined with other things from your wardrobe.

Here are some of our models that will definitely serve you for a very long time!

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