How to protect your hands while working?


One of the most popular means of protecting your hands are disposable nitrile gloves.
Made from nitrile-vinyl (80%-20%) they provide comfort for your hands and reliable protection against acids and alkalis, oils, cosmetics, grease, alcohol, etc.
Nitrile gloves are widely used in many areas:

In cosmetology.
Nitrile gloves very easily take the shape of a human hand, which allows for depilation, sugaring, injections and other procedures without loss of sensitivity in the fingers. In cosmetology, various aggressive cosmetic preparations are used (acid peels, cleansers, disinfectants). Nitrile gloves can protect your hands from their negative effects. They are convenient for cosmetic procedures that require good gliding over the patient’s skin, in particular peeling, applying masks, creams.

In domestic conditions.
Since nitrile gloves are durable and resistant to various chemical compounds, they can be used when working with detergents, washing powders. They will also protect the skin of the hands from damage by varnishes, caustic solvents, paints and materials that are used during construction and installation work.

In production.
Nitrile is a material resistant to alkalis, acids, oil products, etc. This personal protective equipment can be used in industries where it comes into contact with alkalis and acids, the concentration of which reaches 80%.

In medicine.
Nitrile gloves have proven themselves in conditions of high infection potential: during dental interventions, surgical operations and medical examinations. The strength of the material prevents the possibility of infection in the body of the patient / doctor. Prolonged stay in nitrile gloves (during many hours of operations, etc.) does not cause allergies, skin irritations and hyperhidrosis.

Even at work, you can not part with any gadget, nitrile gloves are touch screen compatible.

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