How to protect your hands when working in the garden / garden?


If you have worked in the garden, then you know exactly how your hands look after weeding beds, cutting branches and thorns, fertilizing trees. Your manicured garden looks just perfect after the work done, but your hands need urgent «ambulance». After work, the hands are dry, rough, cracked, dirty, not to mention a damaged manicure.

And here rescue operations begin: you make baths for hands, smear moisturizing cream in three layers, run urgently for a manicure and think: «how can I save my hands next time?»

The fact is that you could take only one step in taking care of your hands — put on gloves. They protect the skin of the hands from injury.

Weeding, digging, planting, cutting branches is necessary in different types of gloves. This will save the manicure, prevent chapping and abrasions. What kind of gloves should be selected for garden work?

An innovation of recent years is cotton products with bulk latex coating or PVC coating, which can cover both the entire glove as a whole and its individual parts, for example, only palms and fingers. Gloves treated in this way are much denser than «classic» ones and, in addition, do not allow moisture and dirt to pass through, which makes them an excellent option for working with the ground.

These gloves are suitable for working with roses, garden beds and caring for plants.

Benefits of gardening gloves:

1. Thick fabric with nitrile coating

2. Protective elastic band on the wrists does not allow dirt to pass through

3. Hands stay well-groomed and clean even if you spent the whole day in the garden

4. Elastic material does not rub the skin

5. Retain protective properties with repeated use

If you want to keep your hands well-groomed, then start with the main step — use gloves!


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