How to properly care for jewelry?

Even the highest quality materials and natural stones can look worse over time. Find out how to extend the life of your jewelry!

Proper storage

Often jewelry is stored in one box all together. This is a fairly common mistake. They rub against each other, scratching surfaces. Arrange the jewelry in individual bags or different sections of the jewelry box. Choose fabric containers for jewelry, not plastic bags, because the metal in them can oxidize.

Less water

Modern metals are resistant to water when you wash your hands, for example. But with prolonged and constant contact, the protective layer on the metal is washed out, so it loses its luster. Do not swim in the sea in jewelry. Salt water and sun exposure cause them to darken.

To workout without jewelry

In the gym, you want to look at 100%, but it is better to remove jewelry, even laconic, before training. During sports, we sweat, which is absolutely normal, but sweat is a solution of salts, and they have a bad effect on jewelry.

Jewelry last.

You are going to a party: foundation, powder, perfume, hairspray. All these funds can be on your jewelry. You will come back and wash off the makeup, and the particles of cosmetics will remain on the jewelry. Because of this, the luster of stones dims, and the metal darkens.

How to clean jewelry?

To care for jewelry, use a professional product and soft fabrics. And rough, abrasive mixtures from improvised means and hard brushes can scratch the metal and damage natural stones.

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