How to prepare the body for the cold season?


Viral infections are the enemies we most often face in autumn. Already in September, the number of SARS is growing at a time compared to the summer period. Despite the fact that many of us return from holidays rested and tanned. However, we should not forget that high solar activity does a disservice to our body — immunity decreases, and the possibility of catching a viral infection somewhere on the way back increases. Plus, our own seasonal viral diseases are added to this, for example, adenovirus, rhinosincitial virus, influenza and parainfluenza and, Okay, coronavirus.

How to support the body?

There are a huge number of vitamin complexes and dietary supplements on the market, but we offer a natural product, which is a truly unique invention for maintaining the body

3 differences between Professor Markov’s elixirs:

1. Firstly, herbal preparations have a natural composition. Honey with medicinal herbs in themselves have a huge benefit to the body.

2. Secondly, herbal balms are absolutely harmless to the body and non-toxic.

3. Thirdly, herbal balms are subjected to a special magnetic treatment. At the same time, the composition has a syrupy consistency, which records information on polymer chains resulting from the formation of metastable compounds. These metastable polymeric bonds are not destroyed upon entering the body. Herbal syrups are actively absorbed by the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, and then by the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract, so the composition enters the bloodstream with undistorted information, despite the effect of digestive enzymes. With the blood flow, information is carried to all organs and tissues of the body, affecting the cellular and systemic levels. The functions of the immune, nervous and endocrine systems are restored. And in the presence of physiological abnormalities in cells and organs, regenerative processes begin. Herbal balms were developed as a result of Professor Markov’s scientific research and have proven their effectiveness over many years. This is not just another mixture of useful substances, it is a working mechanism that can really affect health.

Syrups-balms «ELIXIRS OF PROFESSOR MARKOV» have no analogues on the market in Russia.

Elixirs for health have no contraindications and are only beneficial. This is a dietary supplement that will be useful even when diseases are already running.


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