myFLAFFIco is a brand created with love and care for the world around 💛

But handbags are only one of the embodiments of our philosophy. We have collected for you simple household rules that we ourselves follow.

1. Sell or rent
to collection points,
that are no longer needed

Give new life to old things!
What you don’t need may be
relevant and useful to others

As a bonus — they will be released in the closet
shelves and drawers)

2. Pick up trash

Separate waste collection points in
Russia is already enough. Find
closest to home can be on site

And for some waste
come up with a new way to use it!
For example, wine bottles are easy
turn into a candlestick!

3. Use
less plastic

It’s not as difficult as it seems. Walk in
shop with a canvas bag or
shopping bag, choose milk in glass
bottled or buy in bulk

It takes hundreds to decompose plastic
years, and only sent for processing
10% plastic waste!!!

4. Save electricity
and water

And it’s not just about saving money. Less
you consume electricity and water — less emissions of harmful substances

*Turn off electrical appliances from the mains for
night and time when you are not at home

*Buy energy-saving light bulbs
* Use a faucet aerator to reduce water use and add air to it

* Do not wash dishes under running water,
fill the sink

In the production of our handbags, we choose only ethical materials☘️ Because we believe that beauty is not only style. This is love and care for what surrounds us!

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