Laying is required by many women and girls. Many people like to look different every time, try new hairstyles, and generally want something unusual for the event. However, not everyone manages to make styling so easy and there is not so much time. Luckily, gadgets have been invented to solve this problem!

The 5in1 Multi-Styler helps you style your hair quickly and easily. The kit includes nozzles with tourmaline coating, which makes the process harmless to hair.

The multi-styler works in 3 modes: delicate styling and drying, shaping curls and fast drying at high temperature. The device simultaneously dries and styles hair without harm.

The Prelesta styler comes with 5 attachments for every purpose:

  • 2 cylindrical nozzles with a diameter of 30mm for creating voluminous curls. These nozzles work on the principle of sucking in air.
  • Nozzle-hair dryer for pre-drying hair.
  • Comb attachment for straightening and smoothing hair.
  • Round brush attachment for volume and light natural curls.

This device will simplify your styling task due to its versatility. You no longer need to buy a large number of curling irons, combs and straighteners.

With the Prelesta 5in1 styler, your styling will always be flawless!

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