A beautiful hairstyle always attracts the eye! Hair accessories complete the look.

Consider how easy and simple it is to make accessories with your own hands.

There are many materials for needlework, one of them is foamiran.

Foamiran (or plastic suede) is a velvety soft material in sheets that resembles thick paper. «Foam» in translation means foam, and «Iran» is a derivative additional word from the country of origin.

This is modern stuff., with whom it is easy and pleasant to work. He has elastic structure, which allows you to create elements of any shape, thickness and texture. The results are very interesting!

Hairpins, elastic bands, headbands can be beautifully decorated from foamiran with flowers, butterflies, bows, stars, ears, a crown, etc.

Everything you need is in the DecorKit creative kit. You will be able to make over 10 jewelry without a needle and thread, using only glue.

This set is great for beginners! For them, we have prepared simple online master classes.

Fantasize and create with Decorkit!

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