We are all individuals. There is no other person in the world like you. Even if this is your twin, you will still be different in some way, at least internally. And internal differences will still manifest themselves in appearance.

We all broadcast our worldview, character, tastes and mood through our appearance — hair, makeup, clothes and accessories.

For example, flowers and frills can hint at a romantic and light mood, colored hair, non-standard and asymmetric clothing can protest against some kind of limiting framework or realize creative talent. Stereotypes associate oversized and unisex clothing and footwear with futuristic shapes with youth, modernity and the latest fashion, although the fashion catwalks at this moment can be taken over by retro. Therefore, if you want to join a company where NFTs are discussed, it is better to prefer sneakers to oxfords.

For a holiday, we choose white or bright saturated colors, for mourning — black. If we do the opposite, we will show our rebelliousness, the desire to stand out, to excel, to be “not like everyone else”.

The combination of our clothes, shoes, appearance and accessories creates a legend about us, shows our separate subpersonality — a reliable employee, a gentle mother, an attractive girl or a free teenager.

The only thing that can bring disharmony into our images, make them incomprehensible to others, prevent them from being whole, is our attempts to be someone else. Then the whole image will seem to fall apart.

But there is a kind of glue — often underestimated nuance, zest or spice — accessories: bags, belts, hats, socks and, of course, jewelry:

  • earrings,
  • rings,
  • chains and necklace,
  • bracelets,
  • piercing,
  • brooches,
  • headbands and hairpins.

For example, financiers seriously follow the brooches of the head of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Elvira Nabiullina, which are believed to symbolize the current situation in the economy.

If you are forced to dress in a way that is unusual for you, just add accessories.

For example, minimalistic ear cuffs from the Jewelry bar collection will add modernity, complexity and thoughtfulness to the image.

Luxurious cuffs from the Jewelry bar collection with pearls and cubic zirkonia will add status and elegance even to a tracksuit.

Jewelry bar mono-earrings, for example, a pin earring covered with precious rhodium and cubic zirkonia, will add wit and fun to a strict office look.

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