How to make a sheet mask work better


A sheet mask is probably the easiest and fastest way to moisturize, refresh, and add radiance to your skin. This is an SOS tool before an important event or date! Using them is incredibly convenient: they are easy to apply, do not drain from the face, they do not need to be washed off. By default, all sheet masks refresh and nourish the skin with moisture, but there is still a difference between them. Manufacturers of these products add various components to the compositions so that the mask has a more pronounced narrow effect. So, masks with hyaluronic acid are especially good for moisturizing, for radiance — with vitamin C, to improve skin elasticity — with snail mucin or blueberry extract. It is not difficult to get almost the same result from a homemade sheet mask as from a salon procedure. Just follow a few rules for its use.

Before using a sheet mask, you need to deeply cleanse the skin.Sebum, pollution, and even more decorative cosmetics, will not allow the components of the mask to get into the skin. After removing make-up (if any) and washing with gel or foam, cleanse the skin with a gommage, enzyme peel, soft scrub or mask-roll. They exfoliate dead skin cells, and the effect of the mask will be deeper.

Then apply the mask on your face.Smooth the fabric properly so that it fits snugly and does not slip. Take care of the skin around the eyes and lips. If the mask is large, cover the entire face with it — eyes and lips as well. Or use patches for it. We very often forget about these zones, as the skin here also “gets tired” and loses its tone.

Create a «greenhouse effect».If you put a regular cling film on top of the mask, you will get a Wow effect from the procedure. The fact is that a kind of “greenhouse effect” is created under the film, blood circulation increases, the pores expand, and the components of the mask penetrate the skin deeper and faster.

Relax.Lie down and relax. This will not only give a closer interaction of the mask with the skin, but also allow the tense muscles of the face to “rest”, which will have a good effect on their tone. Do not do household chores with a mask on your face. Better lie down and rest.

Keep track of time.Do not keep the mask on for longer than 15-20 minutes (unless otherwise indicated on the package). During this time, useful substances of its composition will penetrate the skin and further exposure of the product becomes useless.

Record the result.If, after removing the mask, there is still a lot of moisturizing composition on the face, give it a light facial massage (pinching, patting, stroking). This way, the rest of the nutrients are better absorbed into the skin.

Protect your skin.After the mask, apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream on your face. It will create a “protective film” on the skin that will help moisture stay in the epidermis for as long as possible.

Stay at home.After the mask, do not go outside for an hour. At this time, the skin is most vulnerable to cold wind, pollution, and the sun. Let her recover.

Checklist before using a sheet mask.

  • Apply the mask only after deeply cleansing the skin with a gel or peeling.
  • The mask should fit snugly against the skin.
  • Don’t forget the skin around the eyes and the lips. Before the mask, apply cream or use patches to these areas.
  • A cling film over the mask will help achieve the effect of a salon procedure.
  • There is no need to go and do household chores with a mask on. It’s better to just lie down. In some cases, not bathed. High humidity stimulates perspiration and prevents the components of the mask from penetrating the skin.
  • Keep the mask for exactly the time indicated on the package.
  • Do a light self-massage of the face after removing the sheet mask.
  • Do not forget to apply the cream after the mask, this will help to “lock” the moisture inside the epidermis.
  • Within an hour after using the mask, you should not go outside.


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