Natural and artificial lighting plays an important role in interior design. Among modern lighting devices, LED lamps are widely used — semiconductor devices that convert electric current into light radiation. One of the simplest and cheapest fixtures is the LED strip. It is universal, it can be glued to almost any surface, the lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere, you can use solid, colored LEDs, combine different light sources. The use of LEDs in the apartment allows you to give the rooms an original look, visually emphasize the dignity of the style.

When installing LED strips, you must follow two rules:

  1. It is necessary to choose the correct tape, or rather its color (monotone or color), type of control (Bluetooh or remote control) and the length of the tape itself (standard lengths are 3.5.10 meters)
  2. It is necessary to properly prepare the surface, clean and degrease the surface before installation, then the tape will last longer.

The most versatile are RGB tapes, as they can produce any desired color, there are also brightness settings, some have a light-music option. Ribbon example below —

Now let’s look at the methods of applying tape in different rooms.

Bathroom decor

Oddly enough, the bathroom and toilet are the two most popular places where most people prefer to place their LED strip. Such popularity is due to two points at once:

  • the backlight looks very good, because the diodes are reflected in the mirrors and on the tiles;
  • at night or early in the morning there is no need to turn on the light that hurts the eyes — it is better to get by with the existing backlight

Warm, muted colors are best for the bath.

Children’s room decor

Very often, children do not like to stay in the room at night, they are afraid of the dark. In this case, the LED strip placed around the perimeter of the room will be an excellent solution to the problem. You can place the tape in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe bed, door, window or computer desk (if there is one in the room).

Since the children’s nervous system is considered not yet strong enough, it is better to choose muted colors for illumination. But sometimes it can be interesting for a child to look at bright flashing colors.

Kitchen decor

Now most modern kitchen interiors are hard to imagine without additional lighting, which is organized using LED strip. And this is the right design decision, because, being in the kitchen, a person can partially block the light flux coming from the lamps from above.

In the kitchen, it is important to use tape lighting, which can be laid in niches, corners, under glass, above shelves with dishes. Decorative lighting emphasizes the contours of the tabletop. Warm colors are perfect for the work area

Now it is important to decide where exactly to place the LED strip in the kitchen. So, there are many different options:

  • the most popular place is the end between the wall and the bottom of the kitchen cabinets;
  • a good option is to highlight the table, as well as decorate chairs or sofas;
  • you can put the backlight on the ceiling or existing niches.

Wherever the backlight is placed, the most important thing is that it is useful.

Try it and you will succeed!

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