The end of spring and the beginning of summer are marked by the most important events in the life of all students — the last bell and graduation. Every girl these days wants to look her best, so the question of choosing an outfit, hairstyle and jewelry is acute for young beauties. And with the choice of the latter, our article will help you.

When making a choice in favor of this or that jewelry, it is important to remember that this is only an addition to an already finished image. And yet, even if it is a small, but very bright detail.

In 2022, the trend for minimalism is still relevant. Not every graduate wants to dress up brightly, more and more often girls choose a classic suit or dresses of simple styles as an image. Minimalistic stud earrings will help to emphasize this look. And besides, minimalistic jewelry will remain after the holiday, becoming a universal part of everyday wardrobe.

An elegant look can be beautifully decorated with broach earrings. They will be a great addition to the outfit, demonstrating sophistication and elegance.

Jewelry with cubic zirkonia will be a bright accent in the image of any prom queen. The sparkle of the stones will add its zest to the outfit, making it truly chic.

Products made from natural stones are visually associated with a more mature age, so not every graduate is suitable. However, they can show the girl’s transition to a new stage of life, and pearl jewelry will emphasize the aristocratic nature of the young lady.

For young rebels, jewelry with crosses is the best choice. Such products can also be supplemented with stud earrings in an additional puncture or cuffs. The presence of a large number of jewelry will create massiveness in the image, which will favorably emphasize the rebellious spirit of youth.

Do not forget that jewelry is not only the prerogative of girls. All of the above tips are also relevant for guys who also want to complement their image with an interesting twist.

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