How to choose elastic bands for hair?

A hair band is an indispensable accessory for most girls whose hair reaches at least slightly to their shoulders. Some use them daily, others prefer to collect hair very rarely. But absolutely everyone, faced with a modern assortment of hair ties, may experience difficulty in choosing. Our article will help you understand the types and purpose of rubber bands.

Features and purpose

Elastic band, without hesitation, can be called the most popular hair accessory. It has been used since childhood — as soon as the little girl’s hair grows a few centimeters, the mother is already striving to make her daughter a couple of funny ponytails.

The purpose of such an accessory is to collect hair in a hairstyle, remove it from the face so that it does not interfere. Many girls use them daily, at least in the process of washing and during household chores, when loose hair is not only inconvenient, but also unhygienic.

In everyday life, they are used to create beautiful hairstyles and fix styling. Some modern models are multifunctional — they can also play the role of a bracelet on the arm, thanks to their stylish appearance.

The size

The size of the hair retainer should be chosen based on your hair volume and the type of hairstyle that you are going to do. A large elastic band is suitable for owners of thick, curly, long hair, it will securely hold a ponytail, a bun, a pigtail. Small elastic bands are suitable for owners of thin hair, little girls, and they can also be used to create several ponytails.

Thin elastic bands are invisible on the hair, they are suitable for everyday and festive hairstyles. As a rule, they are strong, so they securely fix strands of any thickness.


Modern hair clips amaze the imagination with a variety of colors. There are options exactly for the color of the hair — black and white, all shades of brown, beige. Multi-colored elastic bands are also popular — yellow, pink, red, green, blue.


Ready rubber bands are decorated with a wide variety of decorative elements: embroidery, weaving, beads, beads, sequins, stones, rhinestones. For a solemn occasion, a spectacular hairpin with pendants is suitable.

Children like unusual decor elements — rubber bands with balls, ears, with cartoon characters.

How to choose?

When choosing elastic bands for hair, first of all, you need to consider their purpose. Each girl has her own requirements, so it is extremely difficult to name one that will be universal for everyone.

beautiful images

  • The ponytail is definitely the fastest and most popular hairstyle for all occasions. This hairstyle can be done on hair of any length, using almost any fixative. To make the ponytail look spectacular, twist the ends of the hair and emphasize individual strands with wax or a texturizing spray.
  • Spikelet or French braid is another versatile hairstyle that has been familiar to us since childhood. To secure the pigtail, use a thin rubber band to match the hair color. A tight spikelet is suitable for every day, it will be convenient to go to work with it, and then go to an active workout in the gym. If you braid a loose braid and slightly release the strands, you get a spectacular festive option. To prevent your creation from falling apart, spray your hair with varnish.
  • Two ponytails are a very popular hairstyle for little girls.
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